Today, I proudly represented my company in the Marathon Eindhoven 10k run.

It was a great event, and luckily the weather was also nice.

The 10k race started from Montgomerylaan at October 10, 10:10 A.M. (I now see what they did there…) and continued through different scenes throughout Eindhoven.

At one point we went through residential areas, then through Philips de Jongh park, and finally, the city center again. 2200 people, flowing like a single body.

A lot of people were cheering, which was a very nice boost to morale and speed. And also the organization was really good both in traffic control and water/banana (yes, banana) stations.

I did my personal all-time best, since I had not finished under 1 hour mark on a 10k run before.

It’s mere seconds to the 1 hour mark, but still 😀

I’m very happy to have joined this event and very grateful for all those that made this happen, first and foremost, ASML.

Then of course, Jumbo was the 10k main sponsor.

I already liked Jumbo before, but this made me like them even more. Supporting such events is a good way to give back to the community.

I will definitely be joining next year’s event as well. Maybe this time the half marathon. I really want to get my endurance to 21k level, but I need a lot of training.

In any case, the idea is to run to the finish as best as you can and have fun along the way. Which was exactly the case today.

Hail to my fellow runners, who shared the running course with me today.

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